Weekly Report: Week Sixteen (days 076-080)

It's November. Weary, dreary November, which means this week's weekly report is a "highlights" version.

• FB did a great job with his narration about the Mycenaeans.
• EG made her final decision about which pieces to perform at her 'recital' in December; her teacher's piano and voice students are going to visit an assisted living home one Monday morning in lieu of an official recital.

• Both EG & FB had a great time at homeschool ice skating day!
• EG continues to motor through Life of Fred Advanced Algebra. She started Chapter Seven, on functions.
• FB was focused during school despite ice skating day & lunch with friends – such an awesome difference from last month's ice skating day.

• How can I compete with oceanography class, in which FB made an iceberg? It's true; I cannot. No matter how many pages we read in the Usborne Book of World History.
• EG continues to take science by storm, working through the rocks and minerals unit of PLATO, plus reading Basher's Rocks and Minerals and Eyewitness Earth.

• FB managed to answer most of the questions about the day's WWE passage from The Reluctant Dragon. I mention this specifically because as I was reading it, I was thinking, "Goodness, they expect kids to remember this level of detail?" Yes, and he could!
• EG seems to be wearying a bit of ancient Greece, but is still producing good outlines, amongst other things.

• FB aced his spelling 'test' again!
• EG had a great time doing her mock trial in her online critical thinking class.


Moonbeam said...

School seems to be moving forward with purpose and energy even if November is not. I hope next week is less weary and dreary for you.

Monica . . . said...

I'm feeling a bit comforted to know that others are having a hard time getting through November and that it's not just me!

Sounds like a great week, though!

Bright Sky Mom said...

Sounds like the kids are doing well even if the month is dragging for you...how about NaNoWriMo next November? :)
I don't think I can compete with an iceberg either!

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