Thankfulness, Days Nineteen, Twenty, & Twenty-One

• Is it horrible to say I'm thankful for Fridays? November seems so dreary at times, and I'm trying very hard to remember to be thankful for the turn of the seasons and the variety of types of weather. Still, this past week was very draggy, and I was happy to reach Friday.

• Order. We spent a great deal of time doing some deep decluttering and cleaning on Saturday, but the end result is priceless: a kitchen, dining room, and living room that are relaxing to spend time in, instead of being rooms that make your blood pressure rise when you enter. It really is amazing what a difference it makes, and I'm really grateful that we got it done, that EG & FB helped out, and that EG & FB helped keep an eye on PC, since she is decidedly not helpful when it comes to tasks involving tidying.

• Hobbies. I consider myself to have three distinct hobbies at this point in my life, and one latent one. The latent one is horseback riding. The other three are baking (somewhat generic cooking, but more baking), knitting, and reading. I think the latter is self-explanatory. I don't always have time to create the way I'd like, in terms of cooking/baking and knitting, but I can nearly always find time to read. The other two are wonderful, in that I enjoy the process, and at the end of the process, I have a tangible product.


Bright Sky Mom said...

I'm always thankful for Friday, even on the best of weeks! Latent hobby -- love that term. Horse are a latent hobby of mine, too.

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