What We Do: Curriculum for 2010-2011 (Fifth Grade and Kindergarten)

Curriculum Plans for 2010-2011
Fifth Grade & Kindergarten

Eclectic Girl

Spelling: All About Spelling Level 6.
Vocabulary: Michael Clay Thompson's Caesar's English II.
Grammar: Michael Clay Thompson's Grammar Voyage and Practice Voyage.
Poetry: Michael Clay Thompson's A World of Poetry; continuing work in IEW's Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization.
Composition: Michael Clay Thompson's Essay Voyage.
Literature: Reading list based on a study of history reaching from the beginning through approximately 1000 C.E., with accompanying writing and discussion.

Mathematics: Art of Problem Solving's Introduction to Number Theory and Life of Fred Advanced Algebra, followed by Introduction to Counting & Probability.

Latin: Latin Prep 1 with accompanying workbooks.

History: Study of the ancients and early to mid-medieval time period, using History: The Definitive Visual Guide as the primary spine, supplemented with biographies, The World in Ancient Times set, Landmark books, and primary sources.

Science: PLATO Middle School Life Science and PLATO Middle School Earth & Space Science; general science using The Joy of Science DVDs from The Teaching Company and Science Matters by Hazen & Trefil.

Logic: Critical Thinking Book 1 and Critical Thinking Book 2 via online class.

Art Skills: Drawing study via Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and its accompanying workbook.

Art Appreciation: Study of "How To Look At Art" and "Prehistory to 1400 C.E." sections in Art: The Definitive Visual Guide, supplemented with additional works as necessary.

Music Skills: Continued study of piano and trumpet through private lessons for each, as well as participation in homeschool band weekly. Consider voice lessons periodically from piano instructor.

Music Appreciation: Read portions of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music History and listen to appropriate selections of music, supplemented with other books as necessary.

Fabulous Boy

Phonics: Continued use of The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading, supplemented with easy readers, Explode the Code, and, as needed, the McGuffey Primer.
Spelling: Spelling Workout A.
Grammar: First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind, Level 1.
Penmanship: Handwriting Without Tears My Printing Book and copywork.
Poetry: Continued memorization through IEW's Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization; use of the Poetry for Young People series.
Composition: Writing With Ease Level 1 workbook.
Literature: Picture books from an extensive list, alongside books that supplement history studies.

Arithmetic: Right Start Level B, alongside Miquon Orange as desired. Progress to Miquon Red if/when Orange is complete. Reading of math picture books at least weekly.

History: Study of ancients, using Story of the World Volume One, the accompanying activity guide, and supplemental easy history books and biographies.

Science: Informal study utilizing Thames & Kosmos Little Labs, Magic School Bus lab kits, Magic School Bus books, and Let's Read and Find Out series books.

Art Projects: Pulled from How To Teach Art to Children and Preschool Art.

Activities Outside the Home

EG Only: Recreational swimming; homeschool band; math competitions.

FB Only: Gymnastics; swim lessons in the spring.

Both EG & FB: Homeschool soccer; Master's Academy of Fine Arts; GA-EPH; possibly ice skating lessons.
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