Not Your Typical Georgia Homeschooler

Here we are, in the Captial City of the South. One Gore-adoring Christopagan married to one deist, raising three kids (so far) as far to the left as possible without tipping over the relatively fuel efficient minivan. Suburbia doesn’t have to oppress you if you don’t let it.

Who are we?
• Kash - a reader, a slasher, a former teenage mother turned suburban SAHM; recovering from compulsive volunteerism
• Spousal Unit - plays out the stereotypical ’50s Family Breadwinner every day in ‘the City,’ only to return home and do a passable stab at Feminist Man; a reader only of sci-fi and fantasy
• Eclectic Girl - born August 2000, a talker, a musician, another reader, a lover of things magical and things mathematical
• Fabulous Boy - born at home in March 2005, a smiler, a drama king, a jumper, easily sunburnt, a lover of musicals and Cars
• Purple Child - born unassisted at home in November 2008, Redhead 2.0 runs fast, climbs high, hugs hard, and rules with a velvet-gloved iron fist.

Kash has often been called opinionated, and will eagerly pontificate on a number of subjects, including breastfeeding, babywearing, birth, politics, education, health, nutrition, image, feminism, daily family life, and being a secular neoclassical homeschooler. Don't try to convince Kash of the error of her ways; she’s also more stubborn than a mule and a teensy bit obsessive-compulsive. There’s no hope of changing her mind; Spousal Unit will attest to this.
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"A little rebellion every now and then is a good thing." - Thomas Jefferson