Weekly Report: Week Fifteen (days 071-075)

We had another "different" week this week. EG caught the cold that PC & I had last week, and stayed at home on Monday instead of going to Master's for piano lesson, public speaking, and Master's Academy of Fine Arts. My good friend Kelly from Rhode Island came to visit, arriving on Monday evening, so we've gone to Fernbank Museum of Natural History and High Museum of Art this week. I continued to require a little less in terms of things that require my presence or participation. I think this will help us avoid a November slump, though – I noticed myself thinking in terms like "just two full weeks, then Thanksgiving week, and then it's December!"

So, what did we do? FB did twelve pages in Explode the Code 2, and four pages in his HWT book. We reviewed the list of pronouns from First Language Lessons as well as the poetry learned so far in FLL. I'm deliberately trying to stretch FLL out so that we don't start the second level too quickly. FB finished his second lesson with words in Spelling Workout A! Eventually, I may move to doing more than one lesson per week (I'm really working to stretch it out, honestly), but one lesson a week seems good for now.

FB learned about Crete in history this week, and we (still) didn't get any science experiments completed. I keep meaning to accomplish more in that area – perhaps next week. We did go to Fernbank, after all, and did some hands-on things there with regards to water. FB finished five pages in Miquon this week, working with addition and subtraction.

FB did go to Master's Academy this week, as well as his oceanography class and gymnastics, both of which he loves.

EG continues to speed through PLATO's Earth & Space science. I decided to use the worksheets differently with it, so she hasn't done the worksheets for any of the units yet; I'd like to get two full units ahead on the computer, just to test her overall retention a little differently. She's all but finished the second unit, though, and has started on the third.

Her critical thinking class had a mock trial scheduled for this week, and she was very disappointed that it had to be rescheduled due to some students' lack of preparation. Still, the class continues to go well for her. Similarly, math continues to go well; she finished another chapter in Life of Fred Advanced Algebra and did part of a chapter in Real World Algebra.

In language arts news, EG finished lesson nine of Caesar's English II and started chapter five in Essay Voyage. She had no assigned reading, but has been reading Pride & Prejudice on her own time. History this week was yet more of the Greeks, and in art history, she moved into the middle ages (and here is where art history pulls ahead of her history).

EG felt well enough to attend her history of science class on Wednesday, though her Tuesday trumpet lesson was canceled by her instructor. She also had band today; testing last week resulted in two more pass-offs.


Karen said...

How disappointing for EG that the mock trial had to be postponed! You'd think the other participants would take preparation seriously.

LaughingLioness said...

So sorry to hear about the Mock Trial. I hope that it gets rescheduled! My kids loved the Mock Trial they participated in.
KB loved her time in GA = ). It was her 3rd time there this week and she had a blast each and every time. Great state, lovely people = ).

Carrie said...

Sorry to hear you guys have been under the weather! I'm sure your kids also learned a ton at the museums with your friends - it all works out!!

Hope you're already feeling better! ;)

Gretchen said...

Hey--we're almost caught up to you in SOTW again! Would you like to take a week off while we do Crete? ;-)

Daisy said...

"had to be rescheduled due to some students' lack of preparation." Wow, that must be annoying!

Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon. That cold sounded miserable.

I'm miserable about our science this year. Do you have any suggestions for something Lydia could do independently (or at least without my having to hover) AND isn't on the computer (since ours is from the stone age)?

You know, if you really loved me, you would ditch this embeded comments feature so I wouldn't have to go into Internet Explorer just to comment. LOL. I'm begging here.

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