Weekly Report: Week Seventeen (days 081-085)

Busy week, busy people.

Let's start with ME, because the mama is the most important thing, right? In addition to everything else I usually do, I knitted a shrug for PC. Cast it on Monday; cast it off Friday afternoon. Then I promptly wrapped it, because…

Today was PC's second birthday! She had a chocolate Mickey Mouse cake that she enjoyed thoroughly. I gave her the aforementioned shrug plus a coat; she also got a turtleneck & tights, bristle blocks, a Wiggles DVD, a pounding bench, two outfits, a name puzzle, $10, and this music keyboard-cat thing. I think that was everything. My aunt, uncle, and cousin came for a family get-together, as well as MIL and my parents. PC finally made up a name for my dad (the other two call him by his given name, for reasons we've never quite ascertained).

FB had a good week of school. He continues to progress through Miquon and I started him on the first level of Caluladder drill, which is great practice in not reversing numbers for him. FB actually asked for phonics lessons this week! He has almost finished ETC 2, and finished another lesson in Spelling Workout. He also finished Week 18 in WWE 1 and three lessons in FLL.

History for FB this week was about the Greeks, including the stories of Homer. We've all been reading Greek myths and Black Ships Before Troy to him this week.

EG had a good week as well. She did five lessons of Fred, started the chapter on "Content" in Essay Voyage, did lesson eleven in CEII, and worked in Practice Voyage. She finished up studying the Greeks for history (just as FB begins them!), and worked further in PLATO this week.

Her critical thinking course moved into discussing propaganda this week, and she's continuing to enjoy art & music history. Trumpet & piano lessons went well this week.

EG's big news this week was her band concert yesterday evening! They did a terrific job.


Mandy in TN said...

Congrats on finishing the shrug and Happy Birthday to Purple Child!

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