Thankfulness, Days Eight, Nine, Ten, & Eleven

• This week, I have a Kelly visiting from Rhode Island. Kelly & I met online in 2002; we've visited back and forth several times over the years, and she was at FB's birth; she's the Harry to my Draco. ;)

• Rain, wind, and cold. I know, I know, they aren't normally things to be thankful for - and by the end of February, I'm sure I'll be sick of them. For now, though, I'm able to welcome the blustery weather and the leaves falling from the trees. Autumn must follow the summer – and I love autumn.

• Custard & friends. Custard night at Rita's is currently on Wednesdays, and that's my chance to check in with my girls. We did have to move to Starbucks after awhile, because Rita's just moved to winter hours (closing at eight)

• Peace, love, and pork. Kelly & I went to a local BBQ place that is absolutely divine. A pulled pork sandwich on texas toast and the best barbeque baked beans you can buy; bliss.

• More good friends; we visited the art museum and met up with Mandi & her munchkins. Win!
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