Thankfulness, Days Fifteen & Sixteen

Day Fifteen
Peppermint hot chocolate at Starbucks. I have a brand new investigation in my life. Does a hot chocolate with peppermint taste like warm, liquid York Peppermint Patties, or does it taste like warm, liquid Thin Mints? This is, obviously, an important question that I must endeavor to investigate at any opportunity.

Day Sixteen
Today is just... going really well. Scarily well, even. The kids got up in good moods. We had a great breakfast (oatmeal with butter and honey, plus banana yogurt), and we actually got some schoolwork completed in the brief amount of time between the end of breakfast and when we had to leave this house. The drive was fine, I got a peppermint hot chocolate, and dropped EG, FB, and Spousal Unit at the ice skating rink for homeschool ice skating day, before getting to LLL well before the meeting time. The tables were covered with stuff, but I moved them over and set up the rest of the meeting. The meeting went really well, and then I picked up the others before meeting Smrt Mama and her crew for lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. In to every life a little rain must fall: there was no strawberry lemonade today. Alas. Then we drove home. PC is napping, Spousal Unit is working, EG is doing science, and FB is telling me I should stop having rest time because he wants to do school. Go figure. If this is Tuesday, I will take it.

Also, bacon. Specifically, bacon from Pine Street Market. It's what's for dinner, and I am very, very thankful.
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