Thankfulness, Day Fourteen

I'm having a difficult time identifying specific things for which I'm thankful, today. It's not that I am not thankful; I am. It's just that any specific my mind lands on seems to be, inevitably, further linked to many other things. My thankfulness is nebulous today.

So, then – I am grateful beyond measure that I do, in fact, have so many things from which to choose. I've thought in the past about how extraordinarily lucky I am to live in this country, in this time, no matter what the present era's foibles, no matter what negatives about our country can be found. In a sense, I'm thankful for the very privilege that allows me to make a list of that for which I am thankful. So many things coming together, to make this world we inhabit possible – and I am, in the end, thankful for them all.
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