Thankfulness, Days Five, Six, & Seven

I was still thankful... just not able to find time nor energy to blog.

• FB & PC were exceedingly well-behaved during the two hours we waited on EG at band (one hour for testing, one hour for band itself). Since PC & I were both sick, we really couldn't risk exposing anyone else, and I was feeling poorly enough to want to hide my eyes and curl up with a blanket. Luckily they were well-behaved enough that we could just sit in the car, which was effective.

• We survived the week. Sometimes it is, indeed, the little things.

• Naptime! The Spousal Unit kept the children from being too terribly loud, so I got up, took a shower, read a bit, and then went back to bed for the rest of the morning.

• Heat. I hate turning on the heat before the beginning of November, but it was down to 59°F in the house, and two of us were sick. So we turned it on. Bliss!

• We had a great trip to the zoo for "Boo At the Zoo." The kids didn't wear their costumes (though there was a different reason for each of them), but PC and I wore our matching black Halloween shirts (that were once mine & EG's... sniff). The kids did "trick or treat" at various stations. We saw a joey in its mama's pouch:

and also saw the ultrasound images of the new baby panda that they are eagerly awaiting!

• The kids had a great Halloween. I still need to upload my pictures, but EG was Cleopatra, FB was a Ron Howard clone astronaut, and PC was a giraffe. (I do think FB should dress up as Opie or Richie Cunningham one year; the resemblance isn't twin-like or anything, but it is strong.)
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