Weekly Report: Week The Somethingth; 160 Days Completed!

EG had an exceptionally productive week, especially since we were coming back from our spring break!

She passed two different levels of drill (we alternate between two levels, one M/W/F and the other T/R) this week, in addition to finishing lessons 86 through 90 in Life of Fred Beginning Algebra. She completed nine pages in Key to Percents Book 2 between the week of spring break and this week of school, as well.

In Latin, she finished the first chapter of Latin Prep 1. I told her ahead of time that I would "grade" her on the material in the last three sections of the workbook ("Consolidation") and she passed with flying colors - 93% correct. Her weakness lies in translation from Latin to English, which doesn't surprise me, since I would consider Lively Latin somewhat light on translation.

EG read From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenweiler and wrote a narration of it during spring break, and read Maniac Magee and wrote its narration this week.

Ten sentences from Practice Town were completed, leading me to the conclusion that we're going to review gerunds this coming week (she has a solid command of the other verbals). She also finished two lessons in Caesar's English I, and wrote a compare/contrast paragraph for Paragraph Town. In Building Poetry, EG studied stanza.

During spring break, EG did one week's worth of history work, in an effort to have it concluded a week early. She read Gay America and I Have A Dream in addition to a chapter in Story of the World Volume Four. This past week, she read the COFA biographies of Thurgood Marshall and Joe DiMaggio, as well as 33 Things Every Girl Should Know About Women's History. She wrote her summaries about Chernobyl and the beginning of the end of the Cold War.

She completed her memory work each day and two exercises from Mind Benders C2. Science was a little light this week; she did read some, but didn't do lab this week, as vision therapy had to be rescheduled. Overall, I was anticipating a bit of a "draggy" week-after-spring-break, but EG did exceptionally well at getting back down to work. She concluded the week with her final testing period for band and passed off five additional songs!
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