Weekly Report: Spring Break Version

We took our much-anticipated spring break this week! All of our outside-the-house activities were cancelled, with one exception - EG still had trumpet lessons. Those are in the late afternoon, though, so our days still stretched in front of us without end.

The first three days of the week were not spring-like. They were summer-like. I sent the children outside quite often those days. On Wednesday, we even had some friends over to play. Thursday, the rain came, sending the 5,000+ pollen count plunging back down. I still have a nasty residue all over things in the sunroom, since I like to keep the windows open and the ceiling fan going. Today, we're preparing for FB's delayed birthday party tomorrow, and band meets today for EG.

I did challenge EG to practice each of her instruments for a full 45 minutes a day this week, and she has risen to meet that. She also had a small amount of schoolwork to do, primarily because our last five official days of school this year will actually be spent traveling. So she worked on history some, read a book, did a bit of math, and finished two Mind Benders.

We made some progress on our efforts to ready the house for sale, as well. Slowly but surely, we're getting there!
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