The Virtues of Not Planning Too Specifically Too Far Ahead

Like the other neurotic homeschoolers, I have a master plan. The most neurotic version showcases what classes I think the kids will take... all the way through high school. Luckily, I don't have my hopes pinned on one particular curriculum or another, for the most part.

Sometime around this time last year, I wrote a note to myself, to STOP finding additional resources for the next year (this year!) and just plan it. I also noted I could start planning for fifth grade at some point shortly thereafter, and thereby spread out the cost of fifth grade materials.

To help myself out, I made a list of what I thought we'd be using for fifth grade.

I got two items right: Life of Fred, and the Art of Problem Solving texts.

The rest was oh so very wrong. Prentice-Hall Science Explorer was a thought I entertained for fifth grade science. At that point, I thought we'd continue with Lively Latin 2 for Latin, before going to Latin Prep. The rest were various language arts resources all of which have been replaced by MCT. Needless to say, I'm laughing at myself, especially since I titled the list. "What I know we'll need for fifth grade."

Yeah. That. :)
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