Just Keep Swimming

Since I last updated my by 1 July list, I haven't made as much progress. The remaining items are, for the most part, quite daunting.

I have finalized plans for EG's art skills study for next year. That's one big one! I have nearly finished the history of science lesson plans, but I still need to finalize my list of supplemental books and insert them at the appropriate places in the overall text. Setting up the timeline is merely time-consuming. I'm not entirely sure how to go about breaking the Art of Problem Solving texts into daily lesson plan chunks, so while I've done a first pass, I have no idea if it's adequate!

The big one, of course, is "make history pages for fifth grade." I've got to do this. There's no way around it. It's a huge project, though, and I suppose I've just been putting off the inevitable - that for a few days, I'll need to eat, breathe, and sleep history plans, just to knock it all out.

I have other lists that I keep as well; each is a separate heading in my "Master To Do" list on the computer. I'm working on two of the items listed under "By 1 August 2010," I've finished a number of things under "Moving Projects," there's nothing left under "Assorted," and then I have a list for each week, and I've been crossing out the majority of things on that list each week as well.

Why am I reciting this list? I'm trying to point out to myself how absurd it is that I feel out of control and as if I'm not getting enough done! Sometimes I look around the house and feel like I'll never be able to get it on the market. I feel bad that I'm not doing more schoolwork with FB. I should serve my children more vegetables with dinner, and the corollary to that is, of course, that I shouldn't be such a failure at CSAs. (Food goes to waste, because I'm just too picky.) I can't help being a supertaster, of course, and I can't help that I don't own a Time Turner.

So instead, I'll just focus on the fact that I finished knitting a scarf for FB last night, and that I have to choose what project to cast on next. That's me in the corner... with my fingers in my ears as I sing "La la la, I can't hear you" at my house and my list of things I should be doing.
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