Weekly Report: 10 Days To Go

Just ten more days remaining in our school year! A lot of EG's curricula is coming to an end but she's finishing strong.

She finished Story of the World Volume Four this week, writing two summaries for the final chapter and reading the afterword as well. She read a biography of Nelson Mandela, as well. EG will spend the final two weeks reading about what's happened since 1994, American government, and personages of importance.

EG has finished through Lesson 102 in LoF Beginning Algebra (out of 108 lessons)! She still loves it. :) She also beat one drill level and came close to beating the other. She finished one Mind Bender exercise.

In Latin, she did several exercises from the text as well as the workbook. She's nearly finished with Chapter 2, which is where we'll stop for the summer.

EG read The Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children's Poems for literature this week, as well as finished up The Wind in the Willows from last week. She wrote the narration for The Wind in the Willows as well. In other language arts work, she finished ten sentences in Practice Town, two lessons in Paragraph Town, two lessons in Caesar's English I, and learned about emjambment vs. end-stopped poems.

She did memory work daily, worked in Physics Workshop for a couple of hours, and read about vectors and force.

We're so ready for our break, though!


Smrt Mama said...

You should post some of EG's poems, if she'll let you. I'd like to see what she's working on.

Kash said...

I'll have to see what she wants to post. She does very well as long as they are short poems. ;)

Oh, I should see if she'll let me post her Moby Dick-imitation paragraph assignment!

Carrie said...

We are counting down the days here, too! I have Wind in the Willows, and I think my son would really like it ... hmmm - he may be reading that this summer!! ;)

Thanks for sharing your week!

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