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Last June, just before PC was seven months old, she pulled up to stand for the first time. Around that same time, the Spousal Unit & I talked about our house. We have an abundance of living space, but only three bedrooms. We're thankful for our two bathrooms, but could see the advantage of more in our future. Our living space, while abundant as mentioned, is strangely configured. Due to a large amount of it being in the finished attic, it's not quite as large as our square footage figures would suggest. In short, if we had just two children, we would never outgrow this space. It's possible that if we did not homeschool, we could stay in this space with three children. We do have three children, though, and we do homeschool, and the final nail in the coffin - we're not sure if we'll have a fourth child or not.

We realized, last June, that we would be moving at some point between that moment and three years in the future. Last August, I spent one night looking at listings online, as I periodically do. It was growing late, and I decided to look at just one more page. Near the bottom of it, I found the perfect house.

So began our efforts to ready our present house for sale. We quickly realized we weren't going to be able to do it within weeks, but no one was buying the perfect house, and I had faith - if not that house, there would be one even better.

The house was taken off the market around the holidays, and hasn't been relisted. We're very close to being able to list our house, but are waiting now to see if our neighbor wants to purchase it. Yes, our neighbor - he wants investment property, and it would be an ideal situation for us. We could remain in our house and rent until buying our new house was finalized. (We're not willing to take the chance of paying two mortgages - no way, no how.)

And while the process has seemed to drag at times, I can't help but feel that it's unfolded in the way that was right. Right for us, right for the ultimate outcome, I don't know precisely, but I know that there have been very few times where I have felt frustrated or that something was awry. In the end, too - we've had time to say good-bye. I've had time to have holidays and get-togethers, and to know it's the last time in this house. Maybe that's why EG's birthday is terrifying me, aside from the uncertainty; it's the only major event that hasn't happened since I found our house.

But we're nearing readiness, I think. We're waiting to hear what our neighbor decides. One way or another, it's coming closer. It feels right - except for that burgeoning panic when I consider how much work I will have to pack!
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