BIG Progress

Continuing with the theme of "BIG"... :)

Since my last update on my by 1 July list, I have...

... bought Art In Story, read it, and made plans for art appreciation for kindergarten. I really like using this for art appreciation, because it lets it be a light, 'sometimes' subject. There are eleven specific lessons that we'll cover during the ancient time period, and a similar number during SOTW 2. The library has some resources for viewing art, and I may or may not see what books the library has from the list of Children's Books for each lesson when we get there. That will depend on our time frame and how interested FB seems to be. I'll do a more detailed review later, but I would definitely recommend the book because it makes it easy.

... almost settled on supplemental books for history of science. I really need to cull the list farther, at least in terms of what I plan to purchase, but it's so hard to do! I did sort it out into a list of "books for now" and "books for later," which helped a lot.

... finished the "history pages" for kindergarten. Hooray!

... planned the prehistoric life/dinosaur unit.

... set up all of our binders for next year! EG is actually using one already, since she started Latin Prep 1 once Lively Latin was finished.

... set the calendar for next year, including our tentative travel dates. On the slate for travel next year are Destin and Disney World, plus we'll probably plan a shorter, less expensive trip in May 2011. I know we'll do some weekend trips as well, but at least our major trips are set.

... created all the schedules that are necessary for 2010-2011 school year. At least, I think I have all of them! I have a schedule for EG and one for FB. I didn't go through the entire MOTH procedure this year, but I did use some of what I learned in doing it last year. I also have learned that I personally do better with a daily checklist, since what I have to accomplish varies widely depending on what exactly the day's schoolwork is, what the day's errands are, and what's for dinner. Part of the reason I didn't use the MOTH procedure is also that our days should be more uniform. Aside from the public speaking class EG will take, we don't have anything currently scheduled before noon, and I plan to keep it that way. Oh, sure, we'll occasionally do things before noon! But nothing weekly. :)

.. finally decided how to approach scheduling Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and the accompanying workbook, because it's not immediately obvious how they should line up.

If you're keeping score at home, it means very few things remain on the list:
• Finalize plans for art skills for fifth grade.
• Make history pages for fifth grade.
• Make history of science lesson plans.
• Break AoPS texts into daily lesson plan chunks.
• Set up timeline.

As you might guess, the second and third of that list are looming over me and filling me with a bit of dread. :)
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