Weekly Report: Week Thirteen

Thirteen?! I can't believe we've already hit week thirteen. Things went relatively smoothly this week. PC is throwing ever more impressive temper tantrums. FB has been playing with pattern tiles and the gear clock from our Right Start materials, as well as practicing his handwriting. Onto the big girl.

Language Arts: EG finished steps 11, 12, and 13 in AAS Level 5. She worked on the rewrite for "The Silent Couple" in WT2, and did Unit 2 in JAG. She continues to do 10 minutes of penmanship practice each morning. I'm going to have her begin to transition to cursive during some of her other schoolwork. She had a relatively easy week as far as literature, reading through the Peter Rabbit books in order. It fits with the time period, and she's always read them in fits and starts.

Latin: Steaming through, EG wrapped up Chapter 11 and began Chapter 12, which starts diagramming Latin sentences. I think that's pretty cool. New vocabulary with Chapter 12, so some vocabulary game practice online, and I'll probably insist she do it over the weekend as well.

Math: EG beat drill level 29 (yay!), and completed pages 12-18 in Key to Measurement Book 4. In Key to Decimals Book 4, she finished pages 9-19. We also worked on Hands-On Equations, finishing lessons 18-23. She wants to do the work in her head and not with the manipulatives. I had to sit her down and insist that if she doesn't use the manipulatives, she has to write all the work on the paper. She didn't seem to like that idea, but she'll have to get used it.

History: EG read about the "settling" of the American West, as well as stocks, stockbrokers, and philanthropists, in SOTW 4. She wrote her summary about the West, and I made sure she understood the nature of the conflicts. She had read about Geronimo and Sitting Bull previously in her biographies. She read Shutting Out the Sky, which is a very well-done book about immigration and tenement living, as well as If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island, and Teddy Roosevelt: American Rough Rider. While she was still reading the latter, she asked me who had won the presidential election - Cleveland or [insert name I had never heard, and don't remember]. I laughed and said Cleveland, because I had never even heard of the other guy! She also did the Native American Names activity from the SOTW 4 activity guide.

Physics: EG started on Light this week. She reviewed chapter one in Waves, and then did activities one through four from the Color and Light kit. Later today will be activities five and six. I'm not sure how long it will take to do this unit, because it seems like the activities aren't taking as long as I anticipated.

Miscellaneous: EG added another poem to the memory work line-up. We reviewed the words she had missed on previous vocabulary tests and retested. She mastered three of the six this time around, so it looks like another few days of reviewing. I'm not sure if she doesn't get the meanings or if the examples are just confusing for her. She did two pages in Logic Liftoff. Master's Academy and co-op went well, and she made it back to swimming both days this week. Unfortunately, they seem to have decided not to offer stroke clinic on T/Th for the next session, just M/W. Wednesdays would be fine, but Mondays are definitely more problematic - we don't get home from Master's Academy until 5:15 - she'd have just thirty minutes to change clothes AND eat. Piano lessons are going well, and we're going to look for someone to teach her trumpet lessons, at least for a few months.

The house is hermetically sealed, or at least it feels that way. We're having the exterior painted, so all of the windows are covered in plastic sheeting. It's a hazy view of the world.


Carrie said...

Looks like you guys had a full week, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Don't be too impressed ... it's easy to get projects done while the "littles" are at preschool two days a week! I'd be drowning without it! ;)

Rhonda said...

Looks like a full and wonderful week!

Julia said...

We are lined up! I feel like I could easily spend a month on this chapter of SOTW. Are you using a particular physics curriculum or...?


Kel said...

Wow, congrats on a great, full week.

Smrt Mama said...

I'm envious of your productive week.

Make sure I remember to get that quiz book from you!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait til we study Amer. History in MFW. We will use SOTW also. It sounds wonderful! You have a great week.

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