Harvest & Abundance

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It's not because of the food, though I do enjoy it. It feels the most connected to me, the theme of a harvest celebration running across years and cultures. It feels like the one time of the year when the country as a whole pauses, and remembers exactly what the season is. The richness of the colors, the crisp bite in the wind - it's the ultimate expression of autumn for me, and autumn is my favorite season.

EG observed today that she liked Thanksgiving, but it seemed like a holiday "where the adult girls have to do a lot of work, but the boys don't do any." She was mostly right, of course, but she said this before the spousal object's mother arrived. MIL does not work. She brings one dish, tells my mother and I how long it needs to be warmed, and does nothing else except eat.

Oh, and heckle my father about not wanting to eat broccoli cheese casserole (my dad doesn't eat broccoli!), take pictures after being asked not to, and call FB "a mess," and not really in a nice way.

We shed some of our usual attendees this year, though not by design. They decided they'd had a better offer, it seems. I'm trying hard not to be bitter and be thankful for what we do have and with whom we did share the day. I'll get there eventually.

Thanksgiving is a reminder each year to listen to the rhythm of the seasons. I actually prefer to do my resolutions and reevaluating in the autumn (rather than the New Year or even the spring). I'm looking forward to FB & EG going to spend the weekend with my parents tomorrow, and a nice slow weekend with PC and the spousal unit. I think I'll spend some time doing my reevaluating and resolving. It's the perfect time to curl up with hot apple cider and do so. :)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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