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Despite my insistence that we are not a history-centered homeschool, I do find we spend a good portion of money on biographies and supplemental histories. Part of it is the nature of the subject; it's very easy to be, for example, math-centered and diversify without needing to spend a large amount of money. Another part of it is availability; there are far more books written for children and young adults about various parts of history than there are about different parts of math, Latin, writing, or even science.

Preparing to cover history from 1850 to the present was a lot of fun, for me. When I was prepping this week's assignment sheet for EG, I told her, "We've made it to the 20th century in history! Yay!" She wasn't quite sure why I was so excited. It's a time period I've always enjoyed, though, and that made it particularly difficult to pare down the number of extra books planned.

As a result, the following list is pretty long. And, yes, we already owned a lot of these before I started planning this year's history lessons.

Abraham Lincoln's World, Foster
If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad
Ghosts of the Civil War, Harness.
If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War
Lee and Grant at Appomattox
Paddle to the Sea, Holling.
Tree in the Trail, Holling.
Minn of the Mississippi, Holling.
Seabird, Holling.
If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island
Shutting Out the Sky
Usborne True Stories: The First World War
The World Wars
The Yanks Are Coming
The Woman's Rights Movement
Stalin: Russia's Man of Steel
Six Days in October
Children of the Great Depression
The Sinking of the Bismarck
Air Raid Pearl Harbor!
Battle in the Arctic Seas
The Great Escape: Tunnel to Freedom
Invasion: The Story of D-Day
Victory in the Pacific
The Good Fight
America & Vietnam: The Elephant and the Tiger
Team Moon
There Comes A Time
If You Lived At the Time of Martin Luther King, Jr.
10,000 Days of Thunder
Ain't Gonna Study War No More
Gay America
33 Things Every Girl Should Know About Women's History
They Led the Way
Madam President
A Nation Challenged


Smrt Mama said...

I'm feeling increasingly bad about our list of additional reading. It's just that there isn't quite this much for the ancient!

Kash said...

I love twentieth century history. Love it. I kept finding more books and having to conclude I just couldn't include everything. I've consoled myself that we're saving it for the next go-round.

Jill said...

Love those Holling titles! I wasn't familiar with "America & Vietnam: The Elephant and the Tiger" and "Ain't Gonna Study War No More." I've added them to my Amazon wish list. Would love to hear which of all these titles become your favorites.

I've got the History for Children blog and have posted about a couple of interesting WWII books with kid friendly activities. The kids might enjoy the "Pin the Boat on the Strait of Dover" game I created here:

Or deciphering what Hitler was yelling into the phone in August of 1944 at this post: http://historyforchildren.blogspot.com/2009/10/curious-george-vs-hitler.html

I have organized titles by century to make it easy to find what you need. Have fun in the 20th century!

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