The Perils of a Warm Climate

We live in an area with a relatively warm climate. Yes, we have four (or three and a half, maybe) seasons, but overall, we trend towards warmer. Still, it's been unseasonably warm the past couple of days. It's been appreciated since our entire HVAC unit stopped working - it won't even run the fan.

However, it's not appreciated since I went for a walk this afternoon early, and within minutes of said walk, I started sneezing. And sniffling. And pressure began to build, making my head hurt.

I'm trying hard not to resent it. I essentially lost most of my day to a headache, since I spent more time in the shower or in bed after that than anything else. I lost my appetite, which I suppose is one way to eat less.

I've said before that illness is a sign to slow down and take care of yourself. Normally, I wouldn't classify an allergic reaction in this category, but since I reacted so strongly, I admit it has me wondering. At the very least, it's accomplished something big - it's getting me to bed early.
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