Weekly Report: Week Fourteen

Brrr. I'm so glad that our house is actually on three different furnaces. Even though the main one is inexplicably not working (filter is suspected), the one for our schoolroom is.

EG had a good week. She finished steps fourteen and fifteen in AAS L5, and completed unit 3 in JAG. She also finished her rewrite of "The Silent Couple," and began the final story in Writing Tales 2. She also read The Red Fairy Book and did ten minutes of penmanship practice daily.

No new drill levels were beaten this week, but EG did complete twelve pages in Key to Measurement Book 4, eight pages in Key to Decimals Book 4, and all the lessons of Hands-On Equations. She's started working on the final level of problems in the Verbal Problems book from Hands-On Equations.

In history this week, EG read about the Boxer Rebellion and "other stuff about China," to quote. :) She wrote her summary about the Boxer Rebellion, and I couldn't help but think about Angel and Spike. She read another biography of Teddy Roosevelt, Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt!, and we're going to talk about how different biographers choose different incidents and approaches to the same subject.

I've decided I'm not overly impressed with our kit for color and light. Nevertheless, I think EG's getting a decent enough introduction to the subject. They did activities seven through eleven, then skipped twelve because we didn't have... something odd. I can't remember. They did thirteen, instead. EG also read the pages about light in the Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Science.

Continuing in Latin meant more chapter twelve. It seems like the amount of history information is increasing chapter by chapter. I'm viewing it as non-essential but a nice way to allow for more time to master the vocabulary. I am trying to decide where we'll go after finished Lively Latin. I know there is a Lively Latin 2, but I've also heard complaints about errata, plus the possibility of it not being completed, if EG continues at her breakneck pace. I know I'll put her in Latin Prep 1 afterwards, either way, so I'll probably go ahead and purchase that, then decide.

EG has added another poem to her memory work, and she did three pages of logic this week, as well as reviewed the two words that have given her difficulty from VfCR 4. I'm not sure that the words give her difficulty so much as the context in which they're presented, but I'm still making her review them once more before going forward.

FB has been caught reciting parts of EG's memory work, in disjointed order. It's hilarious. It is interesting how much he's picked up just from listening in, though.

We're painting the kitchen and dining room, after having a stager come on Monday and give us various recommendations. We haven't painted the trim in the kitchen and dining room. I just don't think we have time - we have guests coming tomorrow afternoon - but it sure would be nice to be done with all the painting in the room and not worry about going back to do a little more.


Daisy said...

Sounds like a great week. I would have loved to hear FB reciting his sister's memory work. LOL.

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