Hooray! Thanksgiving Break! Five glorious days before any more schoolwork has to be done. I'm not sure who is more excited - EG or I. :)

Between now and Monday, though, we're going to be relocating our school materials. Yes, part of the staging process. I'm feeling a little uncertain about it, but hoping that it will be extremely temporary. I'm not naive enough to think we'll sell the house, buy the new house, and move before January fourth or so, but by the end of January certainly seems like a reasonable goal... right?

EG will be starting a new writing program after Thanksgiving. She started Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra last week. She's in a good groove with the remaining subjects and materials (with, of course, our usual exception of spelling). Every year, between mid-November and the end of January, she makes a big leap. It surprises me still, because I keep thinking How can she leap still higher, but she does. I'm eager to see where her leap this year takes her.
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