Once More Into the Breach...

Today is the last day of NaBloPoMo. I succeeded, even if I did so with a lame two or three sentence post from the iPhone on PC's birthday.

In the month of November...

... we decided for sure to sell the house, even without any sort of offer on the table for the new house.
... my baby turned one.
... my aunt, uncle, and cousin refused to come to Thanksgiving dinner with us for the first time.
... we removed the wallpaper in the kitchen and repainted it.
... the china cabinet was moved to the dining room.
... EG finally got her new bed.
... EG finished Writing Tales 2.
... EG started algebra.
... EG started Classical Writing Homer.
... FB renewed his desire to write.
... the cat lost more fur on the back of her hind legs.
... most of the leaves fell from the trees.
... the exterior of the house got painted.
... I missed greatly Dollhouse Fridays.
... I was upset that Dollhouse was canceled.
... I was disappointed that the CSI crossover involved Ray going everywhere.
... I discovered I was still bitter about the fiasco last year with regards to Girl Scouts.
... co-op session ended.
... EG had her first band concert.
... I finished the cord that will go between FB's (unknitted as of yet) mittens.
... I fell madly in love with the Kindle app for iPhone.
... I posted to this blog, every day.
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