I Miss My Books

Around this time last year, we thought that we'd be ready to sell the house soon. We took care of various needs, and the next items on the priority list were the remaining tasks to make the house ready to sell. Then the Spousal Unit's freelance work stopped for awhile. We've been paying for a storage shed for about seven months longer than we planned, already.

Now it's restarted again, and while again, we have some other obligations, we're going to be working on those obligations and the remaining house items simultaneously. We need to put up about six feet of fence, have some basic landscaping done, have one of the air conditioning units serviced, and have a section of drywall replaced (and possibly the insulation behind it). We'd like to have the house professionally cleaned just before listing it, but that's not absolutely essential. It's not a long list. In the intervening seven months, though, we've gotten used to the idea that we're moving "someday soon" versus "really soon."

The result is that I've got to go back and declutter some of the same rooms a second time.

The other result that we've kept living. We've done school this year. We've bought books and curriculum and science kits and toys. And in order to stage the house, I know what has to happen.

I have to pack even more books.

I miss my books. I've already packed so many. I hate that some of the kids' books aren't easily accessible for browsing. I don't want to pack any more books.

But I have to.

The only conclusion to which I can come is that I should wait until at least one item off the above list is done (the fence is probably first), and then pack as much as possible, all at once. Like ripping off a band-aid. And hope and pray that the house sells quickly, so we can move...

... so we can have our books back.


Dottie said...

I know exactly how you feel. We are getting ready to rebuild our house and one of the first things to go is our garage. 99.9% of my books, all my dvd's, dd's dance videos (which of course she all of a sudden needed desperately) and various other things we didn't think we'd need are in a storage unit. Theoretically we can get to them but in reality.....not so much.

It's tough living your life in suspended waiting.

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