Weekly Report: Week Twenty-Six (days 126-130)

Just over a week ago, I was in Florida, enjoying 70 degree days while we played at Disney World. Reentering the cold, frozen land of Georgia (yes, I know, seriously, Georgia should not be cold and frozen) was a harsh reality check last Saturday. I had hopes that we'd buckle down and get a considerable amount of work done, since, after all, it wasn't very fun here. I forgot to take into account the cold my father acquired at Disney World, subsequently infecting the children. Monday, EG didn't go to Master's Academy; Wednesday, FB didn't go to his class or ice skating; Thursday, I took a really long nap by accident (but I didn't get full-blown sickness, so it must've worked!). FB got one good day of school done this week, on Monday, and we managed to finish his WWE assignments for the week. Tomorrow we're going to read more about ancient India. He also finished a lesson in Spelling Workout and two more pages in Miquon; I didn't worry about it beyond that with my very tired cold-ridden boy.

EG did manage to acquit her schoolwork fairly well. She finished MathPack: Quest, which TIP bills as a ten-week unit. She finished in exactly three. I didn't think it would be a ten-week unit when used as homeschool curriculum, but that helps me gauge future purchases from them, hopefully. She started TIP's Growing Up Heroic, completing the first four lessons. I need to dig into the supporting materials for that. She passed two songs at testing on Friday, and started reading about Asia & the Middle East during the time period commonly known as the Middle Ages. In all honesty, she had to really guide herself this week, thanks to the little two being sick, and she did extremely well.

I knitted a shirt for PC and a hat for myself, and listened to several lectures from The Teaching Company's Human Prehistory and the First Civilizations. I also shelved a bunch of books and culled others in the schoolroom, only to have a shelf collapse about ten minutes after I finished. Spousal Unit went to the hardware store this morning (the wonderful, locally owned one), and has since fixed the bookcase, so I suppose I ought to go fix the shelf. Again.


Gretchen said...

I always have an incredibly hard time getting back to being productive post-Disney, even without being sick. What does EG think of Growing Up Heroic? Did you watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding? :)

Kash said...

She likes it so far! We haven't watched it yet, because I forgot to have my mom bring her copy, and I just can't bring myself to use a precious Netflix spot for something my mom can bring on Thursday, lol.

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