However, I Don't Care For Cherries

Happy Presidents' Day!

I still vaguely remember when it was called Washington's Birthday, and people remarked on Lincoln's Birthday as well. Does this make me old?

EG & FB don't have Master's Academy today, because of Presidents' Day, but we're still having school here at home. I did manage to plan some Presidents' Day themed reading, though.

FB and PC are going to listen to Anne Rockwell's Presidents' Day, which, to be honest, was something of a late addition; PC spotted it at the library and decided we had to bring it home with us.

FB has two readers for today, George Washington--Soldier, Hero, President and Abraham Lincoln: Lawyer, Leader, Legend. I had hoped to find a reader about Thomas Jefferson, but I didn't have any luck with that at the store I tried, and I didn't have a chance to look at any others.

FB & EG will both listen to Yes, We Can! and (over the course of the week ) Don't Know Much About the Presidents.

Finally, EG will read The Complete Idiot's Guide to the American Presidency.

If we were looking to spend lots of money, or our library carried them, we would watch the Mike Venezia-produced videos on Washington, Adams, and Jefferson. Since neither of those are true, we won't, but I do wish our library had them. Three of the courses offered by The Great Courses (formerly The Teaching Company) look interesting for the future: Mr. Lincoln: The Life of Abraham Lincoln (12 lectures); Abraham Lincoln: In His Own Words (24 lectures); and Great Presidents (48 lectures).

What are you doing to mark Presidents' Day? Do you celebrate it at all? Perhaps you're more the type to bake a cherry pie or make a pretzel-log cabin? Inquiring minds (well, okay, one mind–mine) want to know!


Smrt Mama said...

Just a day like any other day. Captain S is at STARBASE. We'll probably get into more when we hit actual US history.

Jules said...

Because we are Cobb County School District people, we are having Presidents' Week. We are going to the Aquarium, Zoo, and High Museum. Maybe the High has a picture of a president?

Kash said...

I'm confident that some of the orangutans and gorillas at the zoo are more intelligent than some of our previous presidents. O:)

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