First Grade List for Next Year

In order to not think about the subjects I don’t have decided for 2011-2012, all of which fall under the category of “EG’s Sixth Grade Plans,” I’m going to write down all of my plans for FB, which are complete and therefore not a source of anxiety at the present moment.

Language Arts
     Spelling: Continue with Spelling Workout B and begin Spelling Workout C; this includes beginning to copy the “Pep Talk” rules onto paper, and keeping a running list of “Trouble Words.”
     Grammar: First Language Lessons, Level 2 (the older, combo version of Levels 1 & 2)
     Penmanship: Printing Power, and daily copywork sheets made via HWT’s worksheet generator.
     Composition: Writing With Ease, Level 2, along with writing a letter once a month.
     Oral Reading: Weekly reading aloud from the appropriate Reader of McGuffey’s.
     Poetry: Memorization of level two poems in IEW’s Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization; appreciation of poetry through the use of the Poetry for Young People series.
     Literature & Reading: In addition to thirty minutes of free, fun reading daily, FB will have assigned literature. Some will be related to his history studies (some of this may be read to him), some will be from a list I’ve compiled of “good books,” and the remainder will be books specifically assigned just at his reading level to continue to improve his reading. I anticipate he will finish Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading prior to the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year.

     Right Start B, moving into Right Start C; Calculadder drills; The Red Book & The Blue Book from Miquon; Kitchen Table Math and Primary Challenge Math.

     The Story of the World: Volume Two: The Middle Ages and the accompanying Activity Guide; supplemental biographies and other history books, drawn primarily from the You Wouldn’t Want to Be... series and Who in the World Was...? series.

     Rand-McNally Schoolhouse Beginner Map & Geography Activities, if I can find a new copy; The Geography Book.

     Life science, using DK’s First Animal Encyclopedia, The Kingfisher First Human Body Encyclopedia, and Incredible Plants as spines, with supplemental books drawn primarily from the Rookie Read-About and Let’s Read and Find Out series, as well as titles by Seymour Simon and National Geographic.

     Saturday School and/or tutoring/class.

The Arts
     Art Skills: Projects at Master’s Academy; also projects at home using How To Teach Art to Children.
     Art Appreciation: Visits to the High Museum; use of Mike Venezia artist biographies and books like A Child’s Book of Art for informal study; history-related art appreciation using Art in Story periodically.
     Music Skills: Recorder instruction and singing at Master’s Academy; basic piano instruction at home using Music for Little Mozarts.
     Music Appreciation: Focus on each month’s composer on Classics for Kids podcast; Beethoven’s Wig series, Classical Kids series, Mike Venezia biographies, and Opal Wheeler biographies with accompanying CDs.
     Performing Arts: Participation in end of the year play at Master’s Academy; attendance at one ballet performance, one theatre performance, and one musical theatre performance throughout the year.

Physical Education and Health
     Health: informal coverage of nutrition, personal hygeiene, disease prevention (through rest, clean hands, good nutrition), and the importance of exercise.
     Physical Activity: Eight weeks of homeschool soccer; ice skating; gymnastics; possibly team sports (baseball or basketball).

The important question, of course, is what do I need to buy at the convention next month?
Writing With Ease, Level Two Workbook
Spelling Workout B
Spelling Workout C
Printing Power
Right Start C
The Red Book
The Blue Book
Primary Challenge Math
The Story of the World: Volume Two

What else do I need to purchase? Some of these may be a better deal at the convention, but I’m not yet sure.
• Supplemental history books
• Supplemental science books
• Mike Venezia artist & composer biographies
Kitchen Table Math
Poetry for Young People series
• Literature books
The Geography Book
• Rand-McNally Schoolhouse Beginner Map and Geography Activities
Music for Little Mozarts Deluxe Starter Kit
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