Weekly Report: Week Twenty-Seven (days 131-135)

I feel vaguely defeated this week. There's no particular reason to feel that way; perhaps it's simply the fact that there's still a few months left, we're trying to finish up all the stuff that must be done so we can move, and so forth.

• I did finish a piece of the "Hogwarts knitting," and started another.
• I kept going despite strange food poisoning-like illness on Wednesday. Sometimes you just have to power through, right?

• PC keeps expanding her vocabulary, though in somewhat odd ways at times.
• PC's favorite book at the moment is my old copy of Lovable Furry Old Grover's Resting Places.

• FB continued learning about adding four-digit numbers with "trading," using the base 10 picture cards from Right Start. It's time-consuming to lay out all those cards, but he thinks it's fun, so there you go.
• FB's reading is going well. I'm tempted to show him a lesson from near the end of OPGTR, just to see if he could read it.

• EG is reading up a storm in terms of supplemental science books.
• EG read Tolkien's Sir Gawain and the Green Knight this week and wrote a lovely literature summary.
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