Weekly Report: Week Twenty-Five (days 121-125)

• EG finished Caesar's English II and Essay Voyage this week!

• EG also wrapped up her study of "ancient times" and is using the Celts to transition into middle ages/medieval history.

• FB learned about addition with carrying, at least with manipulatives (the base 10 picture cards from Right Start), and seemed to grasp the concept!

• FB finished his first "chapter" book - Henry & Mudge.

• PC loves Mondays. Loves them. She loves her siblings, and is happy to see them again after Master's Academy, but she loves running around having me to herself.

• PC thinks in a lot of absolutes these days. Everything is either "hot" or "cold"–-no in-between. Similarly with up, down, and a whole host of other opposites.


Carrie said...

A first chapter book is a big accomplishment - way to go!! ;)

Faith said...

What are you using to study the Celts?

Yea! for Henry and Mudge!

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