Weekly Report: Week Twenty-Three (days 111-115)

There's nothing quite like some ice to shut down the greater Atlanta metropolitan area for a solid week. Every single one of the kids' outside the house activities was cancelled this week, from Master's Academy on Monday right on through to band which should have been this afternoon. All the metro Atlanta school systems and private schools declared snow days, and they'll be making up those days later in the school year.

Not us.

I made my darling children proceed with school all week long. In fact, because of the absence of Master's Academy from her schedule, EG finished her work assigned for this week on Thursday afternoon. She's doing a few subjects today to make her load next week a little bit lighter–math, history, science, and language arts.

From youngest to oldest . . .

The dog thinks that we custom-ordered this stuff for her. She thought Monday was the best day ever, and then the snow has been nice and stuck around? She doesn't know quite what to do with herself.

Purple Child
• We learned that PC does not really like the snow. She would walk tentatively through it, looking at us as if to say, "Why have you brought me out into this cold, wet world?" At one point, her mitten slid off, and she stood there, staring at it in horror, wailing. Needless to say, we only took her out in the snow one day.

• Despite hating to be cold, PC continues to take off her clothing at any opportunity, and then proclaim "Cold!" in a despairing voice.

Fabulous Boy
• FB started learning about Rome this week in history. He was pretty excited to learn that Rome is still a city. I didn't attempt to confuse him by telling him there was an entire country inside Rome.

• FB started learning about multiplication in Miquon, and about thousands in Right Start.

Eclectic Girl
• The big news is that EG finished Life of Fred Advanced Algebra!

• EG is also approaching the end of both Caesar's English II and Essay Voyage; just two more weeks in each of them. School in February is going to have quite a different look than it currently does, and especially different from how it looked before the Christmas break!

• I'm continuing on my knitting binge. I finished another project that just needs felting, and finished another seven projects since last week's report. Granted, most of the projects are small (a newborn baby hat for a friend, doll socks, doll pants), but still. Being stuck in the house will up one's productivity, I suppose. I actually need to go to the yarn store; I've nearly exhausted my options for knitting with the yarn, needles, and pattern combinations I currently have.

• I have nearly finished my annual re-read (with note-taking) of The Well-Trained Mind . I did manage to get to the library last week, and so I read one book I checked out, The Overachievers. It was interesting in that "Let's look at a 'subculture' that affects a very very small percentage of the population" sense, not to mention a now-outdated view of things like the economy; there were comments about the economy rebounding from the post-September 11 dip, a dip that now sounds like a dream to many.


Faith said...

Congrats on finishing LoF Advanced Algebra. My guy finished Saxon Alg 2 this week! Yippee for us!

Very funny about Purple Child! Made me chuckle. I love little kids!

Irishmommy said...

My kids sound like your PC! I had to FORCE my oldest to wear socks this week because it was actually cold here in S.TX! Gotta love it when you can't change their minds!

Tech Wife said...

What a wonderful week! Atlanta is my hometown and the weather was quite an interesting story to follow on facebook pages. Good for you for pushing through the week - I love those rare weeks when there are no outside activities.

Gretchen said...

Has EG started Growing Up Heroic yet? What's she think so far, if she has?

Kash said...

Gretchen, she hasn't yet. I was going to try to start it up this week, then realized that with only a few weeks before Disney (and since we'll finish Essay Voyage and Caesar's English II before Disney), it would make the most sense, schedule-wise, to start it once we get back.

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