Weekly Report: Week Twenty-Four (days 116-120)

• I knitted my first pair of socks this week. I also made two hair kerchief things each for the girls, and two headbands for EG. Next up: a hat for me, mittens for EG, and a scarf for FB.

• I'm going slightly mad. It's strange to feel like you should be a Queen song. No, we just have a lot going on right now and then adding Disney planning and prep on top of it has made me feel slightly panicky right now. We're also not sure if EG will be enrolled in the second half of her online Critical Thinking course. The registrations are never announced ahead of time, making it hard to plan ahead, monetarily. This past registration window, by the time we could pay the sum (a day after registration opened to the public, a week and a day after it opened to currently enrolled students), she was first on the wait list. I was assured it would likely not be a problem. Then I heard nothing. I contacted them last week and was told nothing had happened and that they would "keep me posted." Not encouraging. I don't feel like I have time in my schedule to devote to teaching that subject this spring. I don't know what we're going to do.

• EG is doing work from Real World Algebra and MathPack: Quest for the time being, in terms of math. I want to get her enrolled in an Art of Problem Solving course for the spring.

• EG wrapped up her study of ancient Rome this week. Next stop: the Celts!

• FB, on the other hand, has barely started his study of Rome. (Confession: I'm already tired of it.) He learned about the gladiators and did two excellent narrations in history this week.

• FB is nowhere near as intuitive with regard to math as his sister, but I'm going to have to be careful not to assume he's not "mathy" because EG is so mathy. He's ripping through Miquon and Right Start both at the moment.

• PC sings along with any of the memory work that involves a tune. She's also still singing Christmas carols.

• PC's new favorite thing to try to help with is washing dishes. I hope this continues for years to come.


Monica . . . said...

We are still singing Christmas carols here, too.

Jennie said...

Hahah careful what you wish for, my almost 2 year old loves helping with the dishes. Loves it so much that when we run out of dishes to do he often gets quite upset. :-D

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