Weekly Report: Day 175

EG's formal bookwork for the year is 99% done! The next two weeks will involve lots of field trips, annual ITBS testing, and a lesson each in Paragraph Town and Caesar's English I! This week marked 175 days of school, so I'm calling it done - the remaining actual work was planned for summertime, not schooltime!

EG started the week strong by beating one of her drills. She'll continue the other drill until she beats it, which hopefully won't be too long. She also finished Life of Fred Beginning Algebra! I'm so proud of her.

She also finished Building Poetry, as well as continuing to work in the aforementioned Caesar's English I and Paragraph Town. She did ten sentences in Practice Town, which leaves 16 or so to finish over the summer, just as I'd hoped.

She also completed chapter 2 in Latin Prep 1. Her summer work will be to continue reviewing the vocabulary and grammar she's currently covered, as well as learning the vocabulary for chapter 3.

She finished her study of modern history by taking a look at 9/11 and a few other events post-1994 (when SOTW 4 concludes). She read A Nation Challenged as well as An Hour Before Daylight.

She read the final chapter in CPO Physical Science that covers physics, and answered the reviews and assessment for me. She also did her memory work and three Mind Benders!

EG & I did sit down to talk about what she liked the most and the least this past year, in terms of outside activities, schoolwork, curriculum, etc. I was gratified that she had liked my homemade history pages the best - all those hours were hours well-spent. :)

Tonight is EG's end of the year performance for band, followed by the end of the year performance for Master's Academy tomorrow. Busy weekend!
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