Summer Break, But At Least It's Still May

We have officially finished our one hundred eighty days of school for the 2009-2010 school year. Huzzah! Days 176-180 were completed on our trip to Washington, DC, last week. I need to write an entire post about the trip, but suffice it to say that I love that city and am having withdrawal symptoms. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it. EG's favorite thing was the National Cryptologic Museum. FB wanted to take home a pair of ruby slippers just like Dorothy's.

We did come home to the news that our neighbor has decided not to pursue buying our house. We had hoped this was a viable possibility, especially since it would ensure our having to move only once (instead of possibly twice, after finalizing the sale of this house but before finalizing the purchase of the new house). It also means we do have to do those final staging projects which we were hoping to escape. So far, I've been mostly paralyzed by the thought of how much more I need to pack and rearrange, but I haven't exactly had copious amounts of work time, either. Maybe I'll feel more energized after we start.

I should probably also warn you all that I will probably blog extensively about food over the summer. Luckily, everyone alive more or less likes food, and everyone is required to eat it, making food quite possibly the most universal subject about which to blog. Except breathing. I'll devote a post to breathing, maybe.


Daisy said...

Great. Swimsuit season and you are going to torture us with foodie posts? LOL.

Glad you had fun in D.C.

And we are praying for a quick resolution to the sale of your house!

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