Summer Report :)

I'm going to try to stay in the habit of posting a "weekly report" even during the summer. I still need to post last week's tell-all about DC, and possibly some version of the annual report I wrote for EG. The annual report that I am required to write, by law, but not required to do anything with. Strange laws.

This was our first official week of summer. EG did take the ITBS this week, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We're not required to test this year, but I think a familiarity with standardized tests is important given the strictures of today's educational system. Plus, if she continues to test well, it's little effort to "prove" her home-grown grades in high school level courses through standardized testing.

FB had his very last tumbling class. He, like his older sister, took tumbling at the Y in a class for three and four year olds. We actually got special permission for him to finish out this year after he turned five. He is enrolled in a gymnastics class through our county program starting this summer, to which he's looking forward, but he was still sad to have his last class with Ms. Lauren.

While EG was at her testing on Thursday morning, FB & I went strawberry picking with some friends. Later in the afternoon, one of those friends came over and taught me how to make strawberry jam. :) I'm going to attempt it on my own this afternoon.

In other food news, we got the hanging weights on the grass-fed beef. We should be picking it up in a week or two. Mmm, beef.

EG has also been doing some math and reading several books. I'm not sure what amount of what she's been doing, except she did take a book about math to her testing, to read after she finished a section but before time was called. I had to tell her not to read it after the math sections just in case someone thought she was using for assistance with the test.

I'm glad we have these few weeks of downtime before the summer camps start. FB will be doing two different weeks of mini camp at the Y, and EG will be doing a week of resident camp, a week of GS day camp, a week of musical theatre day camp, and a week of science day camp. Lots of running around!
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