Weekly Report: Week Eleven

This week would make a great example for a "typical week of school" for us. Nothing extraordinary, nothing lousy. Somehow I personally have managed to feel "behind" - I owe comments and emails to various people, and I owe myself some quality time with books, not to mention my mattress.

Daily, EG did penmanship, math drill, memory work, Latin, and spelling, as well as working in three different math books and on her week's writing project in Writing Tales 2.

In Latin, she's almost completed chapter 10, and in spelling, she's finished through step 7 in Level Five. She did several pages in both Key to Measurement Book 3 and Key to Decimals Book 3. She also finished Level 2 of Hands-On Equations.

The big news for the week is that EG finished her first grammar book of the year, Editor in Chief A1!

Earlier this week, I posted EG's latest writing project. While working on her summary for history, I encouraged her to try using some of what she had learned in WT2. She managed relatively well.

She read two chapters in SOTW 4, and chose to summarize the section about the next-to-last czar, Alexander III. In physics, she read a bit about sound, and did four activities from the "Sound Vibrations" Science in a Nutshell kit.

This week, EG read The Terrible Wave, The Story of Thomas Alva Edison, and Susan B. Anthony. She and her father continued reading in The Hobbit.

FB worked on writing "F" and "E." He also listened to the The Witch Who Was Afraid of Witches multiple times. His current obsession, though, is the music from Les Miserables, especially the first four or five songs.

PC is well on her way to earning a different blog moniker. She gives terrifically fierce hugs, so she may become TH. She also is running at times.

I'm feeling somewhat down this week because of the situation with the house we want to buy. Yes, we're still in limboland, almost two months after I first spotted the house. We should be doing several things to our house in the next one to two weeks. They'll make our house nicer for as long as we're here, but they also will make it much easier to sell the house. I hate feeling out of control, and it's even worse when I feel dependent on the decisions of total strangers. I wish I could write them a letter, and tell them how much we would love the house and take care of it.


Smrt Mama said...

What, you don't want to hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men?

Kash said...

I would if that were one of the songs he allowed to play. We only get the Overture, Valjean Arrested/Valjean Forgiven, What Have I Done?, At the End of the Day, I Dreamed A Dream, and Who Am I? Never, ever, ever anything from the second disc, and nothing past track seven on the first. Not even Master of the House!

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