Food, Glorious Fall Food

Breakfast is the same every day: quiche for EG, granola with milk for FB, oatmeal for the adults. Lunch is lentil soup.

What's for dinner...?

Monday: either kids eat free night at Moe's, or leftovers, as we have quite a few.
Tuesday: Roast, carrots, and potatoes
Wednesday: Black bean burritos
Thursday: Roast, mashed potatoes, vegetable from the week's CSA
Friday: ??? I'll have to consult Smrt Mama, since Friday night is Dollhouse & dinner.

Saturday: Oh, joy, oh bliss - we're going to Henry's!
Sunday: chicken and baked beans, fruit


Smrt Mama said...

Tacos? Or some kind of pasta?

Kash said...

Hmm. I have lots of whole-wheat tortillas. I also have cheese, and black beans. I'd probably need to get more salsa. I'm assuming y'all actually put meat in your tacos, though, yeah?

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