EG's Latest Writing Project (from Writing Tales)

This is EG's rewrite of "The Story of Regulus." She had to work hard at not accidentally writing the original phrasing during the rewrite. A lot of use of synonyms here!

     Once, across the sea from Rome, there was a large city called Carthage. The Romans didn’t like the Carthaginians, and finally war began between them. At first it was very difficult to determine who was stronger. The war went on for a long time.
     The Romans had a general named Regulus. He was taken prisoner. He was very ill and dreamed of his home. He knew he would probably not return. While he had been captured, as a general, he knew that the Romans were making progress towards winning the war.
     One of the rulers of Carthage came to talk to him. “I want to make peace with Rome,” he said. “I will let you go if you do what I say.”
     “What is that?” asked Regulus.
     “You must try to make your rulers make peace, and if they won’t, you must come back,” the ruler said.
     The ruler let Regulus go back to Rome, for he knew a Roman would keep his word.
     When Regulus got to Rome, the people of Rome rejoiced to see him again. The rulers of Rome, called Fathers, asked him about the war.
     “I was sent to plead with you to make an accord, but that wouldn’t be smart,” he said.
     The Fathers tried but didn’t succeed in getting him to stay. His family asked him to stay.
     “No,” Regulus said. “I will not break my promise.” He went courageously back to jail, and was indeed killed.
     This is the type of courage that built the greatest city of ancient times.


Smrt Mama said...

At least she doesn't know about the whole "[loved] to death by bulls" thing.

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