Secular Thursday Special!

Today, we'll have not one but two secular Thursday posts, brought to you by the trip Smrt Mama and I took to our local (religious) homeschool store. To be honest, this post was going to be very different. It was going to be a photoblog to encourage other secular or non-fundamentalist Christian homeschoolers that yes, they should visit their local Christian homeschool store, because it's possible to find good materials there. Unfortunately, I had the second or third negative experience I've had there recently. The details aren't particularly important, but store owners shouldn't insult their customers to their face, in front of other customers. Sorry that I'm fat and don't wear cosmetics.

Smrt Mama and I, about to head into the store. Careful, fellow shoppers. We're armed and babywearing. Sadly, I look enormously overweight. I gain weight first in my face, and lose it there last. :(

It's not actually called "Character Corner" any more, it's "Homeschool Hangout," and there's a bigger "Homeschool Hangout" store in the next suburb over. I guess when you have a good corner on the market, there's no reason not to expand.

PC is clearly thrilled about going into the store.

After the long recent thread at the WTM boards about modesty, I couldn't help but snap a picture of this.

Smrt Mama and Babypie check out the history and literature books stocked in the store.

Shortly after this, the store's owner told us that he didn't like us taking pictures in his store, even for a personal blog. We're not sure what the problem was. Possible suggestions are that he thought we were casing the store for later shoplifting. Personally, I've spent quite a bit of money in his store over the years... I don't really see why I can't take a few pictures of myself and my friend in his shop. He was also rude about it and about us. Disappointing.


Smrt Mama said...

I think our lack of modest dress pissed him off, personally.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog (through Smrt Mama's blog, which I found through another blog... :) ). First off, I think it is great! :) Second, I work in retail and the reason for not taking pictures in the store is competition. Big box stores frequently send teams or individuals to other stores to "competitive price". They check out displays/prices/sales and come back and implement the same or better displays/prices/sales. I work in the big box store section of retail and haven't had to do this myself. However, I have had to tell people to stop taking pictures in the store and kick them out if they refused. The people are automatically under suspicion because of the fact that competitive pricing is well-known in the field.

Also, they are afraid of unions and the press. However, that is mainly a big box store fear, not a small store.

Anyway, he shouldn't have been rude to you about it, that was out of line. Just letting you know why he would have told you not to take pictures.

Again, I'm new to your blog but I love it. :) I include religion in our hs studies but I have more in common with secular homeschoolers than Christian hs'ers. I keep an open mind with our curriculum and I don't believe that Christian = good material which is not very well accepted with the Christian hsing community, I've found.

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