Weekly Report: Week Five (sort of)

We had a shortened week this week! Between this week and the week of Thanksgiving, we needed to accomplish five days of school, so EG did work on Sunday, Thursday, and Friday this week. Monday through Wednesday we were at the beach in Destin, FL! Since we host Thanksgiving, we thought it was better to do three days of school this week and two that week.

As a result of the shortened week, FB's schoolwork was entirely informal. We played the alphabet game several times on our trek south and again back northwards, counted the various vehicles, talked about the tides, time zones, and various animals and signs thereof on the beach. He did insist on doing a page in handwriting yesterday and today, and he's set himself a goal of "doing four cuttings a day" in the Kumon cutting workbook. I bought a book about telling time for him yesterday, as well as one about the brain. His selections are so varied. I hope to find our "Yellow is the Sun" CD over the weekend, and get back on track with both math and phonics this coming week.

PC is improving her walking on a daily basis, which of course strikes fear into this mother's heart. ;) She's also eating more solid foods (at last!), but nursing as much as ever. Still, I can feel the difference in my body now that I'm not her sole source of nourishment. It's been eighteen months since I wasn't her only provider!

EG accomplished a lot despite our shortened week. The biggest accomplishment was probably that she and SmrtMama's Captain Science finished their unit on electricity. We used the TOPS Electricity module to great success, and over the coming week, they'll watch a few videos online about electricity.

EG read A House Divided and The Second Battle of Manassas. She finished Gettysburg and is working on Old Yeller. Her memorization work is continuing, though we've put a hold on further poetry in the IEW poetry memorization program until she's memorized her history work - The Gettysburg Address and "O Captain, My Captain." She and her dad are continuing to read in Where the Red Fern Grows. I'm not sure at what point they are, but I know it's ahead of where I thought they'd be.

Language arts activities: three activities in Editor in Chief A1, steps 24 and 25 in All About Spelling Level Four, ten minutes practice with penmanship each day, completion of Lesson 14 in Writing Tales 2, and the beginning of Lesson 15 in WT2.

In Latin, EG finished Chapter 3 of Lively Latin and began Chapter 4.

Mathematics included three drills, chapters 18-20 in LoF: Decimals & Percents, and pages 7-11 in Key To Measurement Book 2. EG also did a few pages in Key to Decimals Book 1 to reinforce a few areas.

No Master's Academy or co-op this week because of Labor Day; EG missed stroke clinic Tuesday evening and FB missed tumbling on Wednesday morning due to our vacation. Extracurriculars resumed Thursday evening, though, with EG's stroke clinic, and FB & PC will have their respective swim lessons tomorrow morning. Finally, EG's first day of band and chorus is this afternoon! We've managed to arrange it so that FB and PC can stay home this first day with one parent, and the other will escort EG.
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