The Best Laid Plans

Even Organized Mom has days that, well, you just want to rewind and redo. As we said in elementary school, I want a do-over!

This is a busy week here; every extracurricular activity with which the kids are involved meets this week. At the end of the week, on Saturday, I'll be at a BOLD event most of the day. Even this coming Sunday holds no respite; there's a two hour Girl Scout meeting for EG followed by a talent show and Court of Awards for all of us to witness. All of this to preface that in my head, yesterday was to be my day of rest before the onslaught. It didn't happen that way, for reasons both good (celebrating my mentee Girl Scout's Gold Award) and bad (attending visitation for a friend's husband, killed in an accident at age 39).

EG is a particularly sensitive, perceptive child, and accordingly she's been affected by my agitation since Friday afternoon. This friend is active in the local birth and breastfeeding community, homeschools, is (was?) the primary organizer for the BOLD event listed above, and is an all around sweet person. She has six kids, ranging in age from 21 to 2. To find out that she's been left a widow at such a young age was and is hard to take in. She and her husband clearly adored each other, and today, she had to bury him. I didn't hide the fact that I was upset from EG (I couldn't have!), but even had I managed, I know she would have felt it.

All of that said, it's unsurprising that her work today has lacked focus. She's at Master's Academy now, and this afternoon later she has a Girl Scout meeting. If it were any other activities, I would have made her stay at home to complete some work, but I don't feel it's an option today, for various reasons. It can't be that bad, you say? There's nothing she's actually completed enough to use a check mark beside it in her assignment book. Nothing! This after getting up at her usual time, and working straight through (aside from breakfast and getting dressed) until 11:30. Usual time, by the way, is 6:45 am... not exactly late.

Meanwhile, FB is running a low grade fever and is extremely lethargic. He's not at Master's Academy today. Yesterday he ran a fever early, then seemed fine the rest of the day, so I ascribed it to a different cause. Last night, though, he cycled between warm and that clammy coolness of sweating a fever. Today, he's practically devoid of energy.

Purple Child had an appointment to have her picture made while the older two were at Master's Academy, but we've had to postpone that. I forgot to put our crockpot meal together in time for it to be ready for this evening. My daugher's new Girl Scout leader requires they wear their uniform at every meeting, so after I pick her up (early) at Master's Academy, she'll have to change clothes in the van. The math club I facilitate may have to be canceled for lack of participants. I need a new cartridge or whatever it is called for my printer - the laser printer that was brand-new just two months ago. I have a really neat new book and I've not read any of it since Thursday.

Stop the ride, I want to get off.
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