Holy Missing Menu Plan, Batman!

I think I managed to follow my menu plan once this past week. Eeek! In hopes of a better seven days ahead, here's my hopes for the coming week:

Monday: Asian-Style Beef Short Ribs, albeit with slightly different seasonings; rice; applesauce or green beans.
Tuesday: Sloppy Joes (also a crock pot recipe), baked acorn squash
Wednesday: Black beans and rice, cornbread, fresh CSA apples (I hope!)
Thursday: Santa Fe Chicken casserole
Friday: Spaghetti

Sides for Thursday and Friday are to be determined, based on what goodies I get on Wednesday in the CSA. Saturday is going to be a celebratory dinner for my other half's birthday, and he hasn't yet finalized his ideal menu. Sunday, we're going out to eat - my birthday falls just two weeks later, so we go out once in between them, in theory, but this weekend works best this year.

Emergency back up meal(s)? I have the stuff for corned beef hash pinwheels, frozen corn, and frozen fish from Trader Joe's, plus a ton more black beans, salsa, and frozen tortillas.
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