Prepping the Week

First, check out the work that's been done today on the blog by the spouse, sometimes known as Mitnin Ham. It is looking better!

Our routines change when we're actively doing school each week, and again once all activities have begun and autumn arrives. This year, we're going to have cooler weather within the first two weeks of autumn! That's a relative term, since we're in the southern United States. Accordingly, though, our routines are settling into their most common form.

Every week that school is being done, weekend prep involves getting ready for the following week of school. I try to do this on Friday evening or on Saturday. I mark in my master binder what has been completed, put an 'x' in the boxes on the attendance sheet, and write in EG's assignments in her book for the following week of school. I also print drill sheets for the week ahead, and usually, the next chapter of Latin. I hole-punch everything and review what she's going to be doing, tweaking assignments as necessary. When I'm really on top of things, I also review upcoming lessons for FB.

I also try to "prep" myself. I take a longer shower and attend to various annoying grooming tasks, as well as making sure everything is neat and clutter-free (more or less) for the upcoming week. I try to get in bed by 10, or if I'm watching television (as I will be tonight; Cold Case is showing at ten this week), by 11.

Now that autumn's here, we have soup for lunch most days, so I try to cook the soup on the weekend. This week: chili. I also start making quiche for EG's breakfast again once it's chillier.

Yes, I make multiple breakfasts. EG needs the protein of quiche and does so well with it; FB will rarely eat quiche and actually does best with granola and milk. I like oatmeal; what I would really like is steak and eggs every morning. If anyone has any good recipes for breakfast burrito fillings, though, I'd love to see them.

So today, I made a quiche, a pot of chili, and a meatloaf, which will be part of dinner tomorrow night. I boiled the sweet potatoes that will also be part of tomorrow night's dinner, and I kept all of the dishes from all of this cooking done. The dishes were a major undertaking themselves!

Finally, I make sure all pencils are sharpened, and I try to give myself at least fifteen minutes of pure pleasure reading on Sunday evenings.

What do you do to prepare for the week ahead, whether in the kitchen, the schoolroom, or for yourself?
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