Weekly Report: Week Thirty-Two (days 156-160)

Busy, busy, busy: a really full week.

• FB turned six on Wednesday, which meant no schoolwork! He did read books, listen to a new book, play outside, go to the grocery store, and watch Schoolhouse Rock, which means that altogether I think he covered literature, physics, math, economics, and history, without even trying. ;)
• FB also finished the Orange Miquon book today! Hooray!
• EG started working through Excavating English.
• PC still has the occasional accident but basically is full-time pottying. She did REALLY well at the convention last weekend, although she refused to poop until we got back home. Apparently she's one of those.
• EG finally got access to her online course from Art of Problem Solving, so there's that.
• I spent another Large Sum of Money at Borders. I think this will be the last time (at the store that's closing, I mean).
• I didn't finish FB's sweater for his birthday. I may get it done before his party tomorrow, or he may just get it as an April Fools present or something. I forget how much longer something takes when it's not worsted weight or heavier. :P

I really need some time to organize things, put things away, and generally work on the house, mainly so we can paint a few rooms and overall so we can sell this place. So next week, we're going to do Reading School: math, lots of books, and probably a DVD or two in the afternoons (e.g., Schoolhouse Rock, Life, Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Young People's Concerts, National Geographic, etc.). I work best in the morning and while it's good I spent the best portion of my day on school, it's causing me to feel really behind on this whole moving thing. So that is my solution. The kids think it's wonderful, except FB wanted to make sure we could still do history.


MissMOE said...

looks like a great week. I've forgotten about School House Rock. I should pull it out this afternoon--so we do some kind of school work! It's hard getting a house ready to sell, but half the battle is having a plan. Yours sounds like a good one.

Mary said...

I love Schoolhouse Rock! My kids think it is goofy, but too bad, they have to play along with me :P

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