How Long?

“How long will you homeschool?”

“Will you homeschool high school?”

“Are you going to keep doing that through high school graduation?”

Haven’t we all heard at least one of those questions, or a variation thereof? For whatever reason, it is deeply important to some people that they ascertain if we’re the homeschooler who is going to see it all the way through, until the bitter end. (Thank goodness these people don’t know about the possible ways to ‘homeschool college.’)

The answer for us, is yes, we’re going to keep going, and homeschool high school. In theory, we’ll make sure that there are not better options when each of the children is entering high school, but I am confident that there are not. I also feel like I will want the “reward” of teaching my teenagers. I love teenagers. It makes me sad to think about having a finite number of teenage children. I’m putting in the sweat and tears of grammar and logic stages so we can homeschool rhetoric stage. To be honest, on many levels, I cannot wait for high school!

Still, that’s a long time. In fact, counting from the “first day of kindergarten” for EG, to the projected graduation date for PC, I’ll be in the trenches for nearly 22 years. Sure, that includes weekends and summers, and other holidays, but if you homeschool, you understand: homeschool moms very rarely get true, complete holidays. I, at least, feel like I am constantly researching, planning, and evaluating, even if only in my mind and not on paper or screen. From today, then, I’ve still got about 16 years or so of this gig.

That, of course, assumes that I don’t have another child. The decision about that has not been made. Just for fun, though, if I did, it would bring my time homeschooling to about 26 years total.

I feel that, at the end, I should receive a pension and a plaque. At the very least, I think I’ll expect a gold watch or the equivalent thereof. Twenty-six years, y’all. Phew.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the most common questions I get and people's eyes literally bug out when I say (of my 1st graders), "All the way."

FairyLover said...

I think most of us get this question once they realize that we really are going to homeschool beyond kindergarten. They just can't believe that you will still do it in high school. But I'm not ready to turn my son over to strangers yet. I think I'll do this for another year or two or ten.

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Lee said...

Hi Kash,
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