Weekly Report: Week Thirty-One (days 151-155)

Last week was abbreviated by necessity, as we attended the Southeast Homeschool Convention. That will be subject of its own blog post(s); however, I will say that I definitely plan to attend one of the conventions each year. Next year it will likely be Memphis, because the proposed dates for Greenville include FB's birthday. Prior to attending, however, we did manage to complete approximately five days' worth of school, at least for EG.

EG is supposed to be taking an online course through Art of Problem Solving. She's missed two class sessions so far, because the authorization for her account didn't go through until this morning. So I had her work through some of the text in an attempt to (hopefully) keep pace. She's also still reviewing algebra via Art of Problem Solving's Introduction to Algebra book. While at the convention, she attended two of Ed Zaccaro's sessions, making her week full of math.

EG read several books for literature and history, all focused on medieval times, particularly in Europe. In science, she wrote about evolution and read several more sources, as well as reading about DNA fingerprinting. I picked up two additional sources for her regarding DNA while in Greenville, both dealing with forensic science. She's continuing to review grammar via copies of English Workshop and Sentence Composing in Elementary School, as well as reviewing her stems and words from Caesar's English. She finished her music appreciation assignments for the year! Overall, it was a successful week.

For FB, we did skip a few things, like Right Start; he kept going with Miquon, though. He did one lesson in Spelling Workout plus all of our other language arts work. He also learned about Octavian/Augustus Caesar in history and read a couple of Let's Read and Find Out science books. He didn't attend any math sessions, but he did attend one of Jim Weiss's sessions, and met him in the vendor hall, which may have made his day. Or week. I'd say month, but since his birthday is on Wednesday, I think that will make his month.

PC apparently refuses to use "normal" language. She was caught singing "Toot too chugga chugga big red go" over the weekend. When asked if she was going to ever call them "cars," she said "No. They're gos." Right on, kid.
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