Weekly Report: Week Ten (days 046-050)

Fabulous Boy made his first foray in the world of long vowels, and seems to appreciate them much more than the digraphs and blends that had been the topic du jour in OPGTR. He also finished ETC 1, so I need to find the second book for him over the weekend. We only did two lessons in FLL this week, but he did complete week eleven from WWE 1. Learning about lowercase 'g' and other homework practice rounded out language arts this week.

This week, we read One Morning in Maine, Pecos Bill, Europe, Mike Fink, The Year at Maple Hill Farm, Why Are the Ice Caps Melting?, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Adventures in Ancient Egypt, and Pumpkin Pumpkin, amongst others.

FB is nearly done with RS A; just two lessons next week, and then we'll take a week or two to just do Miquon before picking up RS B. In fact, FB did four pages in Miquon this week.

History this week covered the Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt. FB gave me a great narration of each section, he did the mapwork and coloring page, and then listened to You Wouldn't Want to Be An Egyptian Mummy, which EG enjoyed reading to him.

FB continues to whiz through the IEW poetry program – he's now memorized eighteen of the poems in the first level, in addition to his other memory work. I'm trying to decide if we should press forward with level two immediately, or wait until at least after Christmas. If we wait, I'll still move to the every-other-day pattern after a week or two of doing the full level daily.

FB had a good time at Master's Academy and is looking forward to the end of the session "Beach Party" next week in his oceanography class. Soccer was held mostly in the rain this week!

Eclectic Girl had a full language arts week: lesson four in Caesar's English II, sentences 17-20 in Practice Voyage, and two writing assignments from the "options" at the end of chapter two of Essay Voyage. We modified the options to fit with what she has been studying in history and science. She also did two exercises from the diagramming workbook we have, and read Heroes and Heroines, Monsters and Magic for her assigned reading. She wrote a book summary for Mandy, and also finished reading Outliers.

In math this week, she finished four lessons in Life of Fred Advanced Algebra, beat one of her two drills, and worked on chapter four in Real World Algebra.

EG has nearly finished PLATO Life Science! I have a few supplementary books for her to read, so she'll probably take one to two weeks to do that and a few more experiments/projects before starting PLATO Earth & Space Science. This week, she started re-reading the Young Reader's Edition of An Inconvenient Truth, and reading The Cartoon Guide to the Environment. She also worked on completing chapter seven in Science Matters. One of her Essay Voyage assignments was to write a paragraph about the similarities between communities and ecosystems, and a second paragraph detailing the differences.

History this week was wide-ranging, covering ancient peoples on the steppes of Asia and ancient people of the American continents. She read In the Land of the Jaguar and The Ancient American World, and outlined from the former. Her other Essay Voyage assignment was to write a paragraph about the people of the Asian steppes.

EG redid her translation from last week for Latin, then forged forward into chapter five, which initially has much to do with numbers. Logic this week covered the second half of chapter two of Critical Thinking One, and she also had to complete a quiz online. Webinar later today!

Music appreciation this week was to read a Venezia biography of one of the composers features in Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra and then write a one paragraph summary. She chose Bach and did a good job summarizing his life. She also listened to the Classics for Kids episodes on Copland. Art appreciation moved on this week to ancient Greek art, and EG also read Ancient Greek Art.

Like her brother, EG played soccer in the rain this week. We skipped Math Olympiad because I was feeling bad, and EG was moving slowly through her work yesterday. She had a good week at Master's Academy, and finished the last book of the old level of piano books. Trumpet lessons went well and her instructor thinks she'll be able to pass off three or four songs at testing this afternoon. Finally, EG had a good time in history of science.

Purple Child has finally deigned to poop in the potty, though it's still more sporadic than peeing.


Karen said...

Added to my library list, thank you very much!

Soccer in the rain is such a miserable activity----I remember from my days playing and thus give thanks every rainy day as I drive the girl(s) to blessedly indoor ballet.

Faith said...

Looking good! Love the list of picture books!

It's always a good thing when they start pooping in the potty. You can see that glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel!

Robyn said...

Looks like a great week! You got a lot done! I'm SO ready for long vowels! I'm using Phonics Pathways and we're still inching through consonant blends... I'm counting the days to long vowels!

Daisy said...

I'm laughing that you gave @#$% soccer in the @#$% rain only one sentence. LOL.

I love the books you are reading with FB. One Morning in Maine and The Year at Maple Hill Farm were favorites at our house.

Tonia said...

We love One Morning in Maine too! Great books! Looks like a very good week.

Mandy in TN said...

Good for Purple Child... and you!

Great week!

Bright Sky Mom said...

What did EG think of Outliers? Does she have something she wants to spend 10,000 hours on?
Yay for Purple Child! Yay for Mom!
Lee (5wolfcubs)

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