Weekly Report: Week Eleven (days 051-055)

The important discovery of the week is that long vowels agree with FB much more so than blends and digraphs. The second most important discovery this week is that using EG's AAS phonogram cards to drill FB on said digraphs is much more effective than any other review. Apparently it makes it that much easier for him to grasp the idea of the digraph as one 'unit' of sound, just as a single letter is one 'unit' of sound. Go figure.

FB blazed into ETC 2, which covers said blends and digraphs. He also did two lessons in FLL and week twelve in WWE. He worked on magic c lowercase letters and 'u.' He listened to His Majesty Queen Hatshepsut, as well as Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett, Blueberries for Sal, Asia, The Magic Fish, and Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm. He read several books to me as well - Floppy Mop & Lolly-Pops from Bob books, plus Dancing Dinos on the Beach and Berenstain Bears Ride the Thunderbolt.

FB finished RS A! We're going to take a couple of weeks and just do Miquon, then transition to doing both RS and Miquon. He did six pages in Miquon Orange.

History this week was all about the New Kingdom of Egypt. FB also listened to You Wouldn't Want to be Tutankhamen and Tut's Mummy Lost and Found. I still hope we'll get to some science experiments today or this weekend, but we did read The Four Oceans and What's So Bad About Gasoline?. Now I've been admonished that we need to ride our bikes everywhere. Not a bad idea in theory, but in practice, I'm not riding a bike on the 120 loop.

Finally, we listened to Classics for Kids, and FB had a good time at Master's Academy, as usual.

For language arts this week, EG did four sentences in Practice Voyage, lesson five in Caesar's English II, and started chapter 3 in Essay Voyage. Her literature this week was Colum's The Golden Fleece. She wrote a book summary about The Egypt Game.

EG finished up Chapter 4 1/2 in Advanced Algebra, and also did review work through chapter four in Real World Algebra.

EG finished PLATO Life Science! We'll take a couple of weeks to read a few books, and then delve into PLATO Earth & Space Science. She also started the Young Readers' Edition of Our Choice, finished The Cartoon Guide to the Environment, and finished Ocean. This week in history, EG delved into Ancient Greece, where she'll stay for several weeks. She read in Famous Men of Greece, as well two primary sources. In Latin, she continued moving through chapter 5 of Latin Prep.

Art appreciation this week was about "Themes in Art," specifically "Nudes." She read about middle eastern music for music appreciation, and we listened to Arabic Groove. Logic focused on the last portions of chapter two in CT1.

This was the last week of the current session for their Wednesday classes, but they'll resume in two weeks. The weather was actually perfect for soccer this week – 74°F and no rain.


Laurie said...

LOVE "Blueberries for Sal"! I think we read that book at least once every month or so around here. Sounds like a busy, successful week for you all!

Robyn said...

Looks like a great week! I've often thought about biking too, but with 4 kids to haul around, plus groceries... um... nope! It makes me wish neighborhood markets were still in existence here... I'd love to be able to walk/bike just a bit and get everything I need!

Lisa said...

Great Week! 74 and no rain would have been a Godsend here last weekend.

Bright Sky Mom said...

Is Arabic Groove modern middle eastern music? I'll have to look for that! Our weather was sunny in the 70s today -- so perfect!

Moonbeam said...

It looks like a great week, especially the weather. Riding bikes everywhere is great in theory.

Karen said...

The Golden Fleece and The Egypt Game are on dd's schedule for the upcoming week :)

Daisy said...

Or riding the bike in the middle of your blazing Georgia summer. Blech.

Wow, your kids are blazing a trail through their books. Good for them!

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