Thankfulness, Day Two

Today, I am thankful for...

• Serendipity. Specifically, the serendipity that lead us to such a wonderful trumpet instructor for EG. Our initial selection was based on nothing more than location, a two-paragraph biography, and available days and times. EG has a real gem, a professional musician and composer who refuses to give into her pleas of "it's hard," and pushes her for excellence.

• Security. Not necessarily in the manner that immediately comes to mind, but I am secure in knowing that there are some things my children will not have to face, and for that, I will always and forever be grateful.

• Stew. I love beef stew.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea :)
I have to agree with you on the security thing - so many facets of my life are 'secure' in one way or another; that is definitely a blessing. Thanks for sharing!

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