I Can't Help It, It's a Disease

With the year happily underway, I know what it means.

It's time to start thinking ahead. Time to start thinking about... 2011-2012.

Yes, I just created the "Homeschool 1112" folder on my computer.

I know, I know. Some haven't even started the 2010-2011 school year! I spread out our buying throughout the year, though, which means that very soon, I'll need to have a plan in order to purchase.

There's some good news. I know what I plan to use for FB for language arts and mathematics. The only real prep work that will need to be done for him is with regards to science and history. I know we'll continue with SOTW, so that is simply a matter of getting the activity guide and beginning to select books. For science, we'll do life science/biology, as suggested in WTM, but I need to select our spines, any experiments or experiment kits, and supplemental books. For EG, I know what I plan to use for language arts, including about half of the literature list. I plan to have her tackle geometry next year, and I have two of the three resources I plan to use. I do need to choose her history supplements. We'll continue with Latin Prep, and the art & music appreciation plans that we began this year. I think we'll use The Snake and the Fox for logic. So far, so good, right?

There's a little matter of a class called biology. O, hai there, bane of my existence. She wants to do high school biology next year. She's capable of this. That's not at issue. It's just... well, advanced math is pretty easy. We just keep doing the next thing, whether it's the next thing from Art of Problem Solving or the next thing from Life of Fred, or both. The sciences have more leeway. There's the molecular focus, or the zoological focus, or the ecological focus, or... well, you get the idea. To make matters worse, I was a biology major. Why does that make it worse? Because, as a result, I think every single part of biology is Of The Utmost Importance.

You would think that the lack of secular science material would mean I have few options. In a sense, this is true. All of the options I have identified were originally designed for classroom use, not homeschool use. It will also be necessary to add a laboratory component to the course, whatever I choose. The LabPaqs look like a possibility. If I seem to be rambling, that's because I essentially am. This has me far more flummoxed than I would like!

There was a thread on out of the box chemistry on WTM the other day, and I have half a mind to post a thread about out of the box biology. Surely there's some resource out there for biology that's vaguely reminiscent of Fred or MCT or...

In sum, though, my major decisions for next year are few. Decide on first grade life science spines, experiments, and supplemental books; choose books to accompany SOTW 2; finish EG's literature list; choose remaining history supplements for EG; and pick a biology curriculum for EG.

Sure. No sweat.


Daisy said...

Nooooooooo! Stop. LOL. I cannot believe you are thinking about next year already.

Monica . . . said...

Ha ha! I am already thinking and planning, as well. We buy things throughout the year, as well.

We are liking SWB's animal encyclopedia rec for life science this year (Kingfisher, I believe). Short and to the point, and then I add books on the animals from the library, as time allows. I also got Janice VanCleave's Plants and Usborne's Flip Flap Body book; it was recommended for one of the Sonlight cores we got this year, so I just decided to use that. We're doing life science for K, though, so not sure if you want something different for 1st. Good luck, I think it's fun. Good luck with biology, too....

Anonymous said...

I absolutely know what you mean about teaching science. Chemistry is my favorite subject in the sciences and the one I'm planning to do with my 11yo ds, but other than purchasing Ellen McHenry's The Elements, I can't make up my mind what to do! I'd been considering the banned Golden Book of Chemistry for experiments, assuming I could sort out what we could do at home safely from what we could not, but now you've got me looking at the kits at labpaq.com
Lisa (lisabelle)

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